I use Indane gas for a very long time. Of late, the distributor insists that my ration card be produced for future supplies. They say that supply will be stopped from next month onwards, if I do not produce the ration card. I do not have a ration card and personally, there is no necessity for me to own a ration card. Though I have offered to show my passport, voter identity card etc. for proof of my residence and usage, nothing is accepted.

It is time the distributors are practical.

A. Chidambaram,


Repair road

The road between K. Pudur and Ayyar Bungalow is highly damaged.

In some places, the condition is unmotorable. It is completely not possible for vehicle users to cross the stretch.

M. Sundararaj,


Shift headquarters

Chennai is the only headquarters far away from most of the places such as Nagercoil, Tirunelveli and Tuticorin.

People from these areas face difficulties in reaching Chennai.

Iin order to develop their business, the British Government searched for harbour areas and found three coastal villages — Chennappanaickanoor in east, Mumbayee in west and Calcutta in northeast suitable. Unfortunately, Chennappanaickanoor, now called Chennai, was located at far off place. The British Government did not bother about it. But the elected Government, at least after the independence, should have concentrated on selecting the right headquarters. But they have not done so. The former Chief Minister M.G. Ramachandran made an attempt but could not succeed.

It is time to think of shifting the headquarters since the Government is taking action to construct new buildings for Assembly.

C. Poosaikannu,


Set up escalator

Railway officials of the Madurai Division has proposed to invest Rs.18 crore to make the Madurai Junction into a world-class terminus with many passenger amenities.

Senior citizens and physically challenged commuters are facing hardship to reach other platforms in the Madurai junction.