This refers to the news item “89 water projects to be implemented in Tuticorin (The Hindu, July 24). The Collector has announced that a new underground sewage scheme would be established in Tuticorin as the existing one which was set up some 22 years ago was not a full-fledged one as it covered only one-fifth of the total area. The idea of implementing a new full-fledged scheme to cover the whole municipality area is appreciable. The lack of underground sewage system in more that 80 percent of the municipal area has been causing a stench and unhygienic condition.

Will the district administration give top priority to this scheme to expedite the same?

Sivanthai M. Murugan,


Implement project

Tata Steel has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Tamil Nadu Government to set up a titanium-dioxide manufacturing facility in Tuticorin. The proposed project would use the minerals available in the southern districts of Tuticorin and Tirunelveli to manufacture titanium dioxide, which is a key ingredient for the paint industries. The project would be implemented over a period of six years at an investment of Rs.2,500 core. It is to be noted that the same project was once proposed in 2002 and abandoned later owing to land acquisition problems, which is very unfortunate.

Considering the fact that the facility would give jobs to thousands of locals, it is the responsibility of the project developers and the Government to ensure that the project is implemented within the timeframe.

P. Senthil Saravana Durai,


Repair road

In Tirunelveli, at N.G.O’s ‘A’ Colony Extension area, there is a lengthy ‘L’ shaped road from Iyyappa Nagar to Karpaga Vinayagar Nagar connecting Krishna Nagar and Mehti Nagar. This road is in a dilapidated condition for the past three years. Road users from the residents of Krishna Nagar, Chellathai Nagar, Mehti Nagar, Kurinji Nagar and Tamil Nagar feel hardship while they use this road. Also, even though the Krishna Nagar and Kurinji Nagar plots have been approved for more than seven years, the roads in these places are yet to be laid. Many petitions were given by various people welfare societies. But no effort has been taken. Hence, I request the authorities to take steps to repair the ‘L’ shaped road and lay new roads in Krishna Nagar and Kurinji Nagar.

V. Muthiah,


Encroachments off sea

In fishermen colonies that dot Arabian Sea, households are encroaching the beach areas, resulting in the sea devastating habitations often. Though the Government is spending money towards construction of groynes by placing stone boulders to contain the sea ingression by spending enormous money, the Nature’s fury never abates.

The panchayats should not give post-facto approval for construction of houses within the coastal belt. Construction may be permitted beyond 200 metres from the sea. It is pertinent to state that for the existing houses, any additional construction should not be permitted and errant house owners must be penalised and the additional construction demolished. If the above steps are taken by the panchayats, tsunami disasters and soil erosion can be controlled and unanticipated expenditure likely to be incurred by the government from time to time limited to a great extent.

V. Kumar,