Special Correspondent

CHENNAI: The international president of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad Ashok Singhal on Sunday described as “absolutely incorrect” the reports that his organisation would distance itself from the BJP in the elections in Maharashtra.

Mr. Singhal, who was here to inaugurate “Vishwa Hindu TV” (Web TV), told reporters that he had been misquoted in the media.

The VHP leader also clarified that he never asked BJP leader Advani to resign, saying it was not his business to say what Advani should do and what he should not.

“He is a leader, heading a political party and I am not a politician,” he added.


Mr. Singhal said he visited Mumbai and other places in connection with the “Save Ganga campaign” in the wake of Tehri Dam project in Uttaranchal. Stating that the project would destroy Ganga and completely obstruct its flow, Mr.Singhal said instead of mega project costing hundreds of crores, the government should opt of micro projects.

Alleging that three lakh Tamils were being kept in “most miserable condition” in the camps in Sri Lanka, he said already 10 lakh had left the country.