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Indian Potter?: Pouroosh Chandra Sorcar comes from a family of magicians.
Indian Potter?: Pouroosh Chandra Sorcar comes from a family of magicians.

Susan Muthalaly

Chennai: He’s more ‘puttar’ (son) than Potter. And yet, Pouroosh Chandra Sorcar, grandson of renowned Indian magician P.C. Sorcar, can apparate and disapparate (vanish and reappear) at will. He is skilled in the art of Legilimency, though he calls it good old mind reading.

Pouroosh, who is in the city for a few days, was spotted at Spencer Plaza, outside the Potter madness that is Landmark bookstore. “The Harry Potter series has really helped us magicians because of the publicity magic has received,” he said. However, he says he doesn’t believe in wizards or a parallel world of magic. “Magic today is science tomorrow. Wizards exist in a make-believe world and traditionally were believed to perform black magic. We magicians create illusions on stage and stunts out in the open,” he said.

Pouroosh comes from a family of magicians – he belongs to the ninth generation – and the first Sorcar in the line was a magician in the court of Emperor Jehangir, he said.

In his repertoire of tricks, making the Taj Mahal disappear, and escaping from sticky, impossible situations are all in a day’s work. He’s even managed to change a man into a woman. Tranfiguration teacher at Hogwarts Professor McGonagall would be so proud of him.

Speaking of Hogwarts, the school Harry Potter and his magical friends attend, the Sorcar family has its own version in Kolkata, and are planning to open one in Chennai. Called the ‘Magic Institute of India’, it is a primary school for young magicians starting at the age of 10. This is where they learn the basics of magic.




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