Staff Reporter

KANCHEEPURAM: The Kancheepuram Municipality continues to be plagued by “mismanagement” of day-to-day affairs, according to vice-chairman, G.Sambandam.

Talking to reporters here on Thursday, he claimed that functioning of the present Council was no better than the previous Council

Property and sewerage taxes were levied for a place of worship during the last council period for the simple reason that the temple was “promoted” by the then leader of opposition party in the council. A proposal to construct a community hall with funds allocated from MP local area development fund and from District Collector’s discretionary fund in ward no.15 (from where the leader of opposition party was elected to the council) was struck down by the previous Municipal Chairman with the note that “it was not necessary” to create such facility in that particular ward, he pointed out.

Several issues — which had a direct impact on the residents of the town — raised by him and councillors belonging to Congress and Communist parties were treated with scant respect by the then Chairman. Alleging that nearly 70 out of 100 buildings / houses were constructed without building plan sanction from the civic body during the previous council period, he said the situation continues even now.

A huge multi-storied marriage hall had come up in the heart of the town, where the promoters had only applied and got building sanction for constructing a shopping complex. Fixation of property tax and other charges for properties were also marred by malpractices. The officials and field staff who had indulged in malpractices during the tenure of the last council continued to act in the same manner in view of the lack of officiating capacity of the present Chairman, he said.