Special Correspondent

CHENNAI: If Kerala comes forward to annul the amendment made in 2006 to the Irrigation and Water Conservation Act (limiting the full reservoir level of Mullaperiyar to 136 feet), Tamil Nadu will consider its offer of talks, Durai Murugan, Public Works Minister, said on Tuesday.

Asserting Tamil Nadu’s right over the Mullaperiyar dam, the Minister said the amendment had created a situation wherein Kerala sought to establish its control over the dam.

Responding to his Kerala counterpart, N.K. Premachandran’s statement in the Assembly early in the day, Mr Durai Murugan, who is now in New Delhi, told The Hindu over phone that Tamil Nadu was keen on maintaining friendly relations with neighbouring States.

“Rights denied”

But, in the case of Mullaperiyar, “how can there be talks when our rights are denied,” he asked.

The Minister reiterated the State’s position on the implementation of the Supreme Court order of February 2006 allowing the water level to be raised to 142 ft, and against any proposal to construct a new dam.