New software will transmit message about traffic jam to officer concerned, says R. Rajaram

The comprehensive proposal that the law enforcing authorities have forwarded to the State Government for improving traffic movement in the city provides for improving the conditions through complementary efforts of the police and the Corporation.

The proposal was drafted after detailed discussions with the Corporation and Highways Department authorities to ensure that there was no duplication of work.

Through the proposal forwarded to the State police headquarters in Chennai, the law enforcers have sought a sum of Rs. 2 crore to carry out multiple measures aimed at improving traffic flow.

During the course of the two-day meeting, the police ascertained from both agencies the type of works they were carrying out with regard to traffic and the areas where the police could chip in and carry out their work.

Also present at the meeting were officials representing the National Highways and the Highways Research Station, the Commissioner of Police, Shankar Jiwal, said.

The police have proposed to establish medians in seven different stretches of Corporation roads to a total length of two kilometres. The identified stretches include Royal Road and Rockins Road.

The idea is to facilitate free flow of traffic through ensuring less vehicle density. Openings would be provided at periodic intervals along these proposed medians to enable vehicles to take a turn to travel in the opposite direction.

Next on their agenda is the computer-based ‘Smart System’ through which the public could keep the police informed about traffic jams through SMS to the upcoming modern police control room. The number for sending the SMS would soon be made available.

The software installed in the computer would pick up and automatically transmit the message to the respective Reserve Inspector or Reserve Sub Inspector. The new system would reduce the time delay in responding, the authorities said. The system is likely to be replicated to address the problem of eve teasing as well.

The ‘Smart System’ would be the first one to take off once the modern police control room is inaugurated as two GSM modems have already been procured for this purpose, the Commissioner said.

Plans are afoot to install LED boards, which would flash different messages, at eight arch intersections in the city.

The police have sought funds to procure 30 such solar-based yellow flickers for installation at major intersections, akin to the ones installed by the Corporation.

Setting up of additional traffic signals at Karur Bypass Road and Palpannai roundabout, median greening project on Airport Road median are the other works proposed.

The police have proposed to acquire 15 LED-based mobile sign lights which would be used for conveying information about traffic diversion, vehicle checking, etc.

The police have also asked for the acquisition of an 18-tonne heavy duty crane and a light duty crane to remove vehicles that breakdown on the road.

The proposed works would be carried out in coordination with the Corporation and other related agencies once the funds are sanctioned, Mr. Jiwal said adding that the police have also asked for Rs. 70 lakh from the Government under the Road Safety Fund for 2007-08.