Chitra V. Ramani

Tutorvista is providing service to 15,000 students

BANGALORE: Gowri Narayan (name changed) has been earning an extra Rs. 14,000 a month teaching basic mathematics to students in the U.K. and the U.S. for five hours a day – all this, from the comfort of her own home in Bangalore.

This is possible by special software that is becoming increasingly popular with teachers and students alike. Tutorvista is a tutoring service, launched in November 2005, which now provides services to over 15,000 students, and employs more than 500 teachers across 22 cities in India.

Teachers and students can now interact with each other by typing notes using chat. They can also share documents and speak to each other with the use of a microphone.


It does not take much to get the software to work. “All one needs is a multi-media personal computer and a broadband internet connection for the unique software platform and its built-in-whiteboard,” explains, K. Ganesh, founder and Chief Executive Officer, Tutorvista.

“We discovered that there was a huge demand for qualified teachers in several countries,” says Mr Ganesh, on how he conceptualised the software.

“In India too there is a dearth of teaching staff in many institutes and schools. Now students in secondary cities like Belgaum and Hubli can also get access to quality education,” he said.

This will also provide employment opportunities for double-graduates like Ms. Narayan, graduates and post-graduates who love to teach but choose to be at home.

Similarly, retired professionals, housewives or those who are taking a break from work can view this as a second option, he said.

Tutorvista has a 60-hour training programme for teachers, says Mr Ganesh. “The programme is basically meant to teach the teachers how to use our software. It is after all essential that they know the fundamentals of the computer.”

The company now plans to hire close to 500 teachers across the country for mathematics, English and science.

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