The working hours of the Manavalanagar sub-post office have been fixed at 08-30 a.m. to 16-30 p.m., at a stretch. These timings are quite inconvenient to the public and senior citizens. This apart, the staff and workers of a nearby company cannot avail of the services of the P.O. since it closes early in the evening. It is therefore requested to change the timings to 09-00 a.m. to 17-00 p.m.

N.B.S. Manian,

Secretary, Residents Welfare Association, Manavalanagar

Deadly highway

On 24th June, 2007, I drove to Kancheepuram with my family to attend a wedding and returned at about 9-00 p.m. the same evening. It was saddening to learn of the occurrence of three fatal accidents in that short stretch of 75 kilometres, leaving four people dead on the spot.

This four-lane highway is full of intersections and is poorly lit. It may have cost the Government several crores of rupees and is now costing families their lives. This is a result of poor planning and lack of discipline. People and animals cross the road wherever they like, though it is primarily meant to take high-speed vehicular traffic.

Abhay S. Mehta,


Restore train service

I am one of thousands of commuters plying from Avadi to Beach. The 7-40 a.m. Avadi-Beach train has been cancelled from 1 July 2007 without prior notice. The affected people are college students, school children, officegoers, Tidel Park employees and central government staff. A large number of the people rely on this train due to its timing and numerous stops. The State Government staff who depend on 8-40 a.m. Avadi-Beach train got the service restored through protests. This was also cancelled from 1 July 2007. But the Railway have not reinstated the more dependable 7-40 a.m. Avadi-Beach train.

S. Punithavalli


Cancellation of trains

Thousands of commuters are shocked that the Railway have cancelled 3 vital train services viz. Trivellore to Chennai, Avadi to Beach and Arakonam Fast, departing from Avadi at 9-05 a.m., 8-45 a.m. and 9-10 a.m. respectively. For officegoers, college and school students, these three Beach-bound trains were highly useful. Changing the schedule is understandable but cancellation of trains, particularly in this direction, is not. The hasty decision has resulted in commuters going to Anna Salai and nearby areas having to go to Central. I request the Railway officials to restore the 3 trains.

R. Vijayaraj



The ostensible purpose for which Aavin was created has been slowly forgotten and it is also keeping pace with the private vendors by regularly increasing the cost of its products. An artificial scarcity of Aavin butter was created for a few months, and private dealers were denied their supplies. Aavin booths were the only outlets where people could buy Aavin butter which cost Rs. 65/- per half kilo.

Suddenly, without prior notice, Aavin has increased the cost of butter from 29th June 2007 from Rs. 65/- to Rs. 85/- per half a kilo: a nearly 30% increase! (MRP still shows Rs. 65/- on the pack). The artificial scarcity created was only a ruse to increase prices, which is quite unbecoming of a Government organisation.

T. M. Sundararaman,


Commuters’ plight

The foot overbridge at Mambalam Railway station connecting West Mambalam and T.Nagar has become an extension of Ranganathan Street. It is difficult for commuters to cross to the T.Nagar side due to the crowd on the foot overbridge. The ticket counter at the foot overbridge makes it worse.

Commuters alighting at the Mambalam station in the evening hours to go to the T.Nagar side are unable to come out from the station.


West Mambalam

Traffic signal needed

The residents of Kottur Gardens are in need of a traffic signal at the junction connecting the Kottur Gardens Link Road and the Gandhi Mandapam Road. Traffic constables are posted only when VIPs travel on this route. Residents find it hard t to cross road.

M. Latha

Kottur Gardens

Stop train services

The population using train services in Avadi is growing as it covers important establishments, colleges. Though representations have been given, so far no action has been initiated to stop express trains & fast unit trains at Avadi.

Will the Railway Minister/ G.M. SRLY do the needful?

V. Balasundar