Exporters met under the banner of Federation of Indian Export Organisations on Saturday to voice their problems to the media. Their fervent plea: “You’re the voice of the industry, and if you write strongly enough, the Finance Minister can solve our problem within five days.”

A FIEO leader also made this request: “Please do not write this story today. Write it on Monday as the bureaucrats do not read the paper on Sundays.”

In service of the people

Each of the eight doctors honoured for their social service on Sunday at a function organised by Confederation of Indian Organisations for Service and Advocacy and Udhavum Ullangal had a story to tell.

One doctor travels several hours by boat to reach his diabetic patients. Another recalled that when she had an accident her patients kept vigil by her sick mother’s bed.

One doctor is working with neglected, physically challenged people, and another has dedicated himself to reconstructive surgery for leprosy patients.

A general physician in North Chennai received over a dozen shawls and garlands from his patients while a practitioner from Kerala was pleased that the award had put his unknown town on the national map.

A team of ophthalmologists are treating children and adults with the aim of eliminating blindness in Tamil Nadu. And in Dharmapuri, a doctor couple is providing vocational training to youth so that they can develop a tribal technology park.

Parents in a fix

The delayed announcement by government-run schools in Kancheepuram about a change in school uniform colours has put the parents in a fix.

Parents of many students have already purchased uniform materials in the old colour. But a week after reopening, the school authorities announced the change, taking them by surprise.

They also distributed sample pieces to the students with the instruction that the materials be purchased from a particular clothing store.

(With contributions from N. Anand, R. Sujatha and V.Venkatasubramanian)