At bus stops, bus stands and other public places political parties have kept drinking water pots. All these pots have been kept in the name of political leaders. One day I saw a very dirty water pot at a bus stop. Insects and worms were floating in the water in it. Water in the pots is not changed everyday. This will lead to dreadful diseases like cholera, chikungunya, dengue etc. Politicians start such schemes to attract people but they do not ensure that they are properly maintained.

V. Joseph Emmanuvel,


Beautifying Salem

V.S.Venkatavaradan has in his letter mentioned three institutions in Salem which, according to him, are embodiments of beauty and cleanliness. But there are other institutions in the city that are better maintained and cleaner than the ones Mr. Venkatavaradan has mentioned.

The beauty of any institution should be judged not merely by its external appearance but by cleanliness and maintenance of its classrooms, toilets and dining area etc.

Vincent. G,


Capitation fees

This refers to the report ‘PMK joins issues with Ponmudi’ (July 1). It is unfortunate that the Education Minister for Higher Education pretends to be ignorant of the capitation fees collected in lakhs in almost all professional colleges. Dr. Ramadoss has correctly said that the Government should take action against erring educational institutions. There is no need for specific complaints from anybody to eliminate this evil.

Subbiah Karmegam,


Close pit

There is a large pit near Lavo Corner Gate after one passes through Manal Medu. It is posing a serious threat to drivers at night as it has no barricades or warning signals by the side. Last week there was a major accident. The pit has been there since last January. It should be closed down as soon as possible.

L. Sri Subramaniam,


Wells as dump yard

Water is used for drinking, cooking, washing and many other purposes. Our human body is having 70% of water molecules. Even the motor vehicles are having radiators needed water to cool the engine.

In olden days open wells are the natural source of groundwater.

But nowadays after borewells came to world for ground water source, what a pity is going on to the villages is they are using abandoned openwells as a public dust bin.

Dumping of wastes in open wells is a big problem.

The wastes mix with ground water and highly toxic pollutants will mix with natural ground water.

The polluted water will cause diseases.

The Government should take steps to prevent the use of unused open wells as dump yards.

S. Vediappan, P. Thangaraju, P. Jayapal and R. Palanisamy,

Salem. Readers can mail to with address and phone numbers