On the back side of the old bus stand in Tuticorin, a number of cars and cabs are being parked haphazardly. Moreover, the stretch is so narrow that it has become a bottleneck to the traffic. To clear the mess, parking lots should be constructed in the area.

This would definitely pave the way for smooth parking and trouble-free traffic as well.

P. Senthil Saravana Durai,

Vazhavallan, Tuticorin district.

School elevated sans adequate teachers

Though most of the Government High Schools have been upgraded as higher secondary schools progressively by the Government, teachers have not been posted simultaneously.

In view of the above, students from nearby high schools are unwilling to join the newly upgraded schools for fear that most subjects do not have qualified teachers.

Under these circumstances it is requested that higher secondary teachers may also be posted at the time of upgrading high schools.

V. Kumar,

Thekkurichy, Kanyakumari.

Plight of bus passengers

In the absence of a traffic police at the Arch four point crossing, buses from the old bus stand of Tiruchendur bound for Nagercoil/Kanyakumari take a right turn from the crossing being short, which is a ‘no entry’ way.

These buses have to stop at two bus stops one at East car street and the other at the South Car Street respectively where the passengers board, to the afore said destinations.

Therefore I request the authorities concerned to see that the above buses pass through the stipulated route thereby helping the passengers.

K.K. Krishnamurthy,


Overloaded autorickshaws

Autorickshaws overloaded with school children has become a common sight in Ramanathapuram. Parents do not realise the danger involved in sending their children in overcrowded autos.

Autodrivers are keen in making money by loading as much children as possible in their vehicles.

I appeal to the district administration, the police and the transport department to take immediate action in this regard.

Asmabagh Anvardeen,