Though most of the Government high schools have been upgraded as higher secondary schools progressively by the Government of Tamil Nadu, teachers have not been posted simultaneously to handle the classes with the result that Parent-Teacher Association has to nominate few unemployed youths in the locality to take classes. In view of this, students are unwilling to join the newly upgraded schools for fear that most subjects do not have qualified teachers. As the part-time teachers nominated by the PTA are not armed with B.Ed., they are unfit to handle the classes. Under these circumstances, it is requested that full complement of higher secondary teachers may also be posted at the time of according higher secondary status to high schools.

V. Kumar,


Kanyakumari district

Bus services

A new bypass road has been laid between Kaliyankadu to Erachakulam. Many brick industries and educational institutions are located along the road. This road is devoid of transport facility. The general public, workers and students find it difficult to reach the area. The Government is likely to give permit for the operation of more mini buses in Tamil Nadu. Will the concerned authorities ply mini-buses between the Collectorate junction and Erachakulam / Navalkadu through Jeyasekaran Hospital, Paarvathipuram, Kaliyankadu Villakku and Sri Krishna Polytechnic College?

S. Ganesan,


Exam centre

The Government Higher Secondary School at Vazhavallan in Tuticorin district is well-known for its good academic results every year. Though the school has a good infrastructure like buildings and classrooms, it is yet to get an examination centre status to conduct public examinations. One wonders why the authorities concerned are showing lethargic attitude to the appeals and the petitions of the school staff and the students in this regard. I request the authorities concerned in Tuticorin to take steps to give the exam centre status to the school without any delay.

P. Senthil Saravana Durai,


Tuticorin district

Pensioners’ woe

The aged pensioners of the Tamil Nadu State Electricity Board, who were already aggrieved over the non-adoption of the G.Os.No.272 and 273 dated 15.06.1998 by the TNEB, have now further been agonized by the indifferent attitude of the TNEB in making the G.O.No.579 dated 15.09.2006 applicable to them. In a recent Chief Ministers’ conference at New Delhi, the Chief Minster of Tamil Nadu proudly claimed that the TNEB was one of the best performing State Electricity Boards in the country. Its transmission and distribution losses and its billing and collection efficiency stood at 18 and 99 per cent respectively.

It therefore needs no mention that these aged pensioners, who are now at their eighties and above and who were primarily responsible for the magnificent growth and development of TNEB should be honoured in a dignified manner on the happy occasion of the golden jubilee of the TNEB, scheduled to be celebrated on July 1, 2007.

Many of these pensions are not alive today and the remaining fortunate survivors are eagerly looking forward to the announcement on the adoption of the G.O. and reap the monetary benefits in their life time.

Sivanthai M.Murugan,


Extend train services

Chennai-Madurai Koodal Express was extended to Guruvayur, Chennai-Tiruchi Express to Coimbatore and later to Mangalore and Bangalore-Coimbatore Intercity Express to Ernakulam. After the extension of these trains passengers’ privileges/ allotments from the originating stations of Madurai, Coimbatore and Tiruchi were curtailed or partially cut.

The purpose of providing rail transport facilities to these areas had been defeated and passengers deprived of their quota even while benefiting people in Kerala.

If authorities wish to cater to passengers in Kerala, they should attach/detach slip coaches from Madurai, Coimbatore and Tiruchi.

VHK. Hariharan,