S.R. Ashok Kumar

Chennai: Packed with special effects, ‘Thoovaanam, the film, directed by Haricharan and Newton, is a joint production of Sri Vaishnavi Productions and Sri Veeramathiamman Movies. Haricharan says that there are nearly a dozen highpoints in the film, including an ‘SMS song.’ He adds that the title ‘Thoovaanam’ was specially chosen for its poetic depth in Tamil. For Madhu Ambat, the film was all about “what every man should feel and every woman should understand.”

As far as the computer graphics are concerned the film has a very innovative song sequence developed at Prasad EFX. An entire song sequence “Aedhaedho Maatramadi” sung by Parasuram, singer Anoorada Sriram’s husband (debut song in TFM) has been shot against blue Matt backgrounds with a lot of graphics related planning.

Though the software used is similar to what is done for 3D projects, the techniques carry an artistic touch.

The choreography is by S.L.Balaji, lyrics by Newton and the music is by Isaac Thomas Kottukapally.