Road full of potholes

I was driving my car with my family on the National Highways 45 from Tiruchi to Kodaikanal via Dindigul on May 30, 2007. Repairs have been carried out to make the road motorable. Unfortunately, after a good safe drive, all of a sudden, deep potholes are present at many places between Tiruchi and Dindigul.

Some of them are even 6 to 9 inches in depth. Even though they are confined to a small area, they are spread across full width of the road, and so no one can avoid these while driving. When it rains, these potholes are filled with water and no driver can visualise what is under the water. These potholes can cause serious fatal accidents. Are the authorities concerned waiting for fatal accidents to happen?

K. Arthur,


Display postal clearance hour

Post boxes put up in various places have been painted recently. But in most of them, the hour of clearances has not been written. In some boxes, it has been written in a paper, which has been tampered with. Prominent display of the hour of clearance in the post boxes is important for the public. Will the postal authorities look into this?

A. Sampath,



The Postal Department is coming out with various new facilities and value added services but the basic function of the department, the delivery of ordinary postal articles in time, is given a go-by. A letter posted in Tiruchi to Kumbakonam takes a minimum of two days to reach the addressee whereas the travelling time is hardly three hours. It is high time the department took action for improvement of its services.

M. Sethuraman,


Need to increase train halt time

A sizable number of passengers are boarding the Mysore Express at the Fort Railway Station every day. But, the train halts at the station only for a minute or so making it difficult for the people to locate the coaches and board their compartments. The elderly and women are affected and there is a veritable danger of accidents because of this short duration of halting. I request the railway authorities to halt for at least three minutes at the station in the interest of passenger safety.

J. Anantha Padmanabhan,



While it is heartening to see improvements at the platform in the Tiruchi junction, the billboards there are eyesore. Advertisements on either side of the roads and those on the front walls give one an impression that one is entering an exhibition arena. Unlike any other Tier II cities, Tiruchi railway junction can boast of an impressive building and a vast frontage and people at the helm should maintain their aesthetic appearance.

J.P.R. Tucker,


Point-to-point buses needed

Nowadays, travelling in Tiruchi city buses, particularly to outer areas like OFT, HAPP, Suriyur, Police Colony, Keeranur etc. has become a nightmare in both the directions via Airport and Tiruverumbur.

It is suggested to introduce `point to point' buses to these places from Chatiram bus stand charging double the fare so that overcrowding may considerably be reduced and the employees of OFT and HAPP factories as well as other residents of these areas will have a pleasant and peaceful journey.

Will the transport authorities do the needful?

S. Rajagopal,


Close down bars

The liquor bar tragedy resulting in avoidable deaths of hapless hosiery workers of Tirupur should make the Government implement PMK's wish to reduce the bar working hours.

The Government should close down all bars functioning as annex drinking dens and restrict liquor availability to just eight hours a day.

This will bring down the number of addicts and ensure the family welfare of the addicts and economic stability in their homes. Will the Government act now?

T.M. Renganathan,


Form rainwater channel

The Corporation is forming metal or bitumen tar roads in Karumandapam area. It is appreciable. While forming good roads in Karumandapam, especially Jayanagar 1st and 2nd Streets, no arrangements have been made to drain rainwater. During the recent heavy rain, rainwater got stagnated and found no way to get drained. Will the authorities construct drainage on both sides of the road before the rainy season begins?

E. Mohamed Ali,


Indicate routes

A number of buses are running from Chatiram bus stand to Junction bus stand via Woraiyur. After crossing this area, buses prefer two routes to reach the Junction bus stand either through American Hospital or Collector's office. It is possible for passengers who get into buses at the destination area to prefer the bus of their choice according to their place of destination. But passengers in the midway have to choose the bus meticulously to reach their destination.

Buses going via American Hospital display boards to inform the public but few buses going by way of Collector's Office do not have such boards, with the conductor telling the route when enquired.

It is my suggestion that buses displaying the routes on both sides of the buses could indicate the routes `American Hospital' and `Collector's Office.'

S. Srirdhar,


Relay road

The busy road from Poovalur to Pullambadi is in a bad condition. Commuters travelling by vehicles are subjected to severe jolts. Drivers are unable to drive smoothly.

New road should be laid. I request the authorities to take action.

V. Govindarajan,