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It was due to regular maintenance works; only minimal flight delays

TAMBARAM: Radars of the Air Traffic Control (ATC) at Chennai airport were shut down in an organised manner as part of regular maintenance, and the resultant delays in flights were only minimal and well within the acceptable procedures, according to senior officers of the Airports Authority of India.

The radars were shut down on Tuesday evening to carry out routine maintenance and their operations were carried out manually.

Even the marginal delays were not related to airtime, but rather to taxiing aircraft to parking bays. Alternative arrangements were made to tackle the situation, said officials.

The shutdown was timed for the relatively lean hours of operation at the Chennai airport and pilots were informed well in advance about the alternative manual signalling and guidance of aircraft once they touched the runway.

Additional equipment

Additional lights and signalling equipment were also installed to ensure that there was no disruption in flight services.

The maintenance was carried out to ensure that the signalling systems were permanently available without any hindrance to air traffic, officials said.

It was an authorised and organised procedure carried out by the Systems Maintenance division, the officials, said and claimed there was no disruption of flight operations; there was also no inconvenience to air passengers, officials said.