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`Landowners should be paid compensation'

Coimbatore: The Tamizhaga Vivasayigal Sangham State president, M.R. Sivasamy, has urged the Government to refrain from acquiring agricultural lands and in the event of necessary acquisition the landowners should be paid compensation at the market rate.


A meeting of the farmers was held for opposing the acquisition proceedings on May 14, since it would spell disaster to the livelihood of the farmers and residents of the area.

There was a proposal to lay a four-lane road and a bypass road near Karamadai.

The proposal involved acquisition of lot of agricultural lands and residential areas. The proposal was only to enable toll collection, the meeting contended.

Road alignment

A bypass road from Neelambur Road towards Mettupalayam with an road-alignment in the North West direction would be shorter since it would involve works only 25 km.

In the proposed alignment, the road would have to be laid for 50 km and it would have to cross the railway line at two places. Construction of over bridges at the two railway level crossings would incur additional expense for the Government.


Hence, the Government should give up the present proposal and think of laying the road with an alignment in the North West direction.

In a district that had witnessed rapid development and industrialisation, it would be difficult to get space for a 220 ft road.


Hence, the farmers suggested that there could be a 110-ft road and another 110-ft bypass. The present Mettupalayam - Coimbatore Road could be made into two-way with a divider. The western side of the Mettupalayam Road was already declared as an agricultural belt.


With the agricultural production levels fast depleting, it would not be advisable and fair to acquire the agricultural land on the Western side of Mettupalayam road in the name of acquisition for the laying of the road.