Staff Reporter

CHENNAI: The British Council Library will celebrate the 10th World Book Day for a week beginning Monday.

The celebrations will begin with a special display of books, including fiction, on lifestyle, self-development, wildlife, engineering, social sciences and those for children.

The library has planned a weeklong treasure hunt for visitors. A paragraph would be put up on the board and those who identify the book from which the given paragraph has been taken would be the winners.

A participative quiz on Shakespeare is scheduled for Wednesday. Library members can win special prizes at the event, to be organised jointly with the Centre for Shakespeare Studies.

Radio contest

Alert radio listeners could win the latest Harry Potter book if their answers to the radio contest on April 23 and 24 are correct. At the Young Learners Centre, members could participate in story-telling and painting competitions. If they were among the voracious reader-members who borrowed books all the time last year, there is a chance that they might win a surprise gift.

Those who become members this week will take away a surprise gift along with all the other benefits.

For details, call 42050600.