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"Courts have been set up for common man" "A case with merits will win whether the lawyer was engaged for just Rs.50 or Rs. 50 lakh"

MADURAI: There is nothing wrong in introducing Tamil in the Madras High Court because it is the language of the common man for whom the courts have been established, according to S.J. Mukhopadhaya, senior most judge of the High Court, here on Monday.

His remarks raised many eyebrows at the Madurai Bench of the Madras High Court Bar Association (MMBA), as the lawyers least expected the judge hailing from Patna in Bihar to back the classical language.

First to extend support

Addressing them at a felicitation function organised in his honour, Mr. Mukhopadhaya said, "When the State Government's proposal on introducing Tamil in the Madras High Court came up for discussion in a full court meeting, I was the first to support the move."

There was no harm in High Court judges delivering verdicts in Tamil, if they wished so, though nobody could force it upon them, Mr. Mukhopadhaya said.

Tamils' love their language

He stressed that a person should not lose his identity at any cost and said that he was pleased to witness the Tamils' love for their tradition, culture and language.

On his role as a jurist, he said: "I am a judge only from 10.30-4.30. After that I am like anybody else."

Urging young lawyers to argue confidently without the assistance of seniors, he claimed that a case with merits would definitely win in the court of law no matter whether the lawyer was engaged for just Rs.50 or Rs. 50 lakh.

"Our judgements are completely corresponding and proportionate to your (lawyers) assistance," he said and sought the cooperation of the Bar in rendering justice.

The MMBA president Isaac Mohanlal introduced the judge.