Staff Reporter

Children find it difficult to concentrate

SALEM: Rampant use of loudspeakers in the city has severely affected people, particularly students preparing for the SSLC, matriculation and other examinations.


The district administration has banned the use of loudspeakers in the vicinity of examination centres.

But political parties and organisers of various festivals are using the devices near schools, even when examinations are in progress, and other places blatantly violating rules and causing disturbance.

One can spot loudspeakers blaring at the busy road junctions, roadsides and residential colonies particularly in Kondalampatti, Pallapatti and Swarnapuri areas.


The devices are used in these areas irrespective of time or day.

"The devices cause noise pollution, which has taken its toll on the students.

The children are finding it difficult to concentrate," many people complained.

The district administration should ban the use of the devices in all the parts of the city till all the examinations are over, residents felt.


The police personnel in the city are yet to take any concrete action to control the menace.