A comprehensive list of "anti-socials" has been compiled, says R. RAJARAM

Having profiled "rowdy elements" and "bad characters" range-wise, the City Police authorities have now assigned the task of monitoring their individual movements with chosen constables in each police station limit.

A comprehensive list containing the names of such "anti-socials" has been compiled in each Police Range Cantonment, Fort, Goldenrock and Srirangam to keep a tab on them and to bring them to book whenever their activities came under adverse notice.

Of the 578 persons in the list, 287 classified as "bad characters" include property offenders. The maximum number of 156 persons categorised as "rowdies and bad characters" figure in the Goldenrock Range, followed by the Fort range (148), Srirangam range (145) and Cantonment range (129).

The authorities have handpicked 361 policemen comprising Head Constables and Grade I and Grade II Constables for the surveillance mission.

In each police station, constables chosen for the mission are required to keep a constant tab on individual movements of anti-socials marked for them. Many of the constables must maintain a watch on two anti-socials each. The field-level personnel have to keep track of the anti-social elements, their current location and activities. They would be supervised by Sub Inspectors, who, in turn, would report to the Assistant Commissioners of Police of the four ranges.

Prior to handpicking the constables, a manpower audit was conducted in every city police station to ascertain the existing strength. The authorities have rationalised the duty structure of the chosen strength of constables. The constables have been briefed about the mission and provided with the history sheets of the criminals under their purview.

Though the authorities say rowdyism was under control in the city, their concern was the incidences of property crimes. Criminals tend to become violent offenders in certain instances. Property crimes had shot up considerably in terms of number of cases in the calendar year 2006 when compared with 2005 with thefts accounting for the maximum. The City Police have identified Woraiyur, Cantonment, K.K. Nagar and E. Pudur as "crime-prone areas".

It is yet another measure aimed to prevent crimes and check the tendency to revert to criminal offences again and enable greater supervision, says the Commissioner of Police Shankar Jiwal.

The scheme would be further fine-tuned based on the feedback as well as the output from the field level men, he adds. The select constables have been asked to submit weekly reports to their immediate superiors and those performing the job well would be motivated with rewards, says Mr. Jiwal.