Preetha Narayanan, a western classical violinist, came from the U.S. to study carnatic music. Lalitha Muthuswamy, of the Lalitha-Nandini duo, explored `fusion music' in the U.S. Now the two Fulbright scholars will perform in Chennai on February 2 in an effort to exchange and explore the contours of both western and carnatic music on violin.

Ms. Narayanan, an American of Indian origin, says the concert will have distinct elements of both western and carnatic classic. "Though I studied western classical, I grew up listening to carnatic music," explains Ms. Narayanan.

As for Lalitha, this concert is not exactly in the same plane as her `fusion music' performances with sister Nandini. "This is an exercise in a dialogue between the two systems of music. But we will also try to bring together certain elements ... like a `taanam' session with western preludes," she says. The concert, organised by the United States Educational Foundation in India, will be held at 6.30 p.m. at the Music Academy mini hall on February 2.

Sandhya Soman