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Revised tariffs displayed in 34 places in city

CHENNAI: The State Transport Authority on Wednesday brought out cards displaying the revised tariffs for autorickshaw fare meters. They have less than a day to distribute it to over 49,000 registered autorickshaws in the city before the new tariffs take effect this Friday.

Joint Transport Commissioner K. Yoga Rajan, who briefed media persons on Wednesday, said the tariff cards would be distributed to autodrivers through their respective Regional Transport Officers.

All the auto unions will be briefed to ask their members to collect the cards.

The tariff cards display the charges under the new tariff - a minimum of Rs. 14 for the first 2 kilometres and Rs.6 for every subsequent km - against the old tariff to which most autorickshaw meters in the city are currently calibrated.

According to Transport authorities, 16,948 autos in the city had mechanical fare meters and another 32,595 had electronic fare meters.

The former have 90 days to replace their old meters with electronic meters and another 90 days to calibrate it to the new tariff.

In case of autos that already have electronic meters, the drivers will get 45 days to recalibrate the meters to the new tariff.

Mr. Yoga Rajan said the extended deadline was dictated by the fact that there were only 26 authorised mechanics.

"We hope that by July 26, all autorickshaws in the city will have electronic meters calibrated to the new tariff. Until then the consumers can use the tariff cards to find out the current rates."

Transport Authorities have also put up display boards in 34 locations in the city, including major bus stops and railway stations, informing the public how much it would take to reach important destinations by autorickshaws.

Mr.Yoga Rajan added that the tariff cards will be available on their official website by Thursday. Incidentally, the fare revision has not been updated on the website.

Control Room

Passengers can lodge complaints against erring autodrivers by furnishing the registration number of the vehicle and the permit number, both of which are painted on the rear side of the vehicles.

Mr. Yoga Rajan said motor vehicle transport officers would man 8-hour shifts to provide round-the-clock monitoring to ensure that they take down all complaints. He added that the complaints would help them rein in the drivers. However if the passengers want to take action against drivers under sections of the Motor Vehicle Act, which could lead to a cancellation of their permits, they will have to give a written complaint to the respective Regional Transport Officer.

The complaint cells with the Regional Transport Offices of various regions are as follows: Chennai East - 2667 0993; Chennai West - 2489 8240; Chennai Central - 2644 5959; Chennai North - 2673 2525; Chennai Northwest - 2621 5959; Chennai South - 2445 0404; Chennai South West - 2486 7733; and Meenambakkam - 2232 5555.

The residents can also call the office of Joint Transport Commissioner at 2644 5511 and 2644 4445 or the Chennai City Police Number at 103 and 98418 08123.