Staff Reporter

TIRUPUR: Italian garment companies are looking for an inspirational partnership from the Indian apparel industry to give a meaningful partnership in business between the two countries, Gianluca Tacchella, President of Carrera Holdings has said.

"Now, there is no real partnership because of the competitive nature of business. It is time for Indian companies to understand competitive cost involved in high fashion-oriented textile trade,'' he said.

In an informal chat with the media on the sidelines of the workshop on Italian Fashion and Design here recently, Mr. Tacchella said that the concept of the recently floated company `Idea Factory' was to bring Indian and Italian companies together.

Italian companies were getting a lot of inspiration from India. The sarees, other factors like combination of colours and traditional printing did inspire the Italians, he added.

He further said that Indian textile tradition was very old and Italians took some elements from this to create new products.

Mr. Tacchella said Indian companies were not much exposed to the high fashion arena. India had a lot to offer in building design and there was a huge potential. India presented a huge market that could be tapped by the Italian brands as more and more people were wearing Western clothing.

A large number of English speaking people, production capability, availability of skilled manpower and stable democracy were the advantages of India in the international scenario.

He said that the problem with Indian companies was that they had to grow in some critical aspects like quality, flexibility and excellence.

M.S. Mathivanan, chairman of Powerloom Export and Promotion Council, said that he hoped that the Idea Centre was likely to eventually emerge at all the textile centres in India.

It would provide training in design, business and production methodology to workforce and middle level management.