Staff Reporter

CHENNAI: The Vedica Sangeeta Foundation, which has planned to celebrate its fourth anniversary on Saturday, would take up the task of recording the chanting of Vedas and Upanishads and host it on the website.

Speaking to reporters here on Thursday, Foundation's founder and trustee A K Ramamurthy said the project was estimated to cost around Rs 2 crore. While appealing to the public to donate generously for the ambitious project, he stressed the need for protecting and preserving the Vedas "at least now."

The Foundation trustee K Jayaraman said there were around 1131 Vedic Sakhas in vogue some 5,000 years ago and now there were only 9 to 10 Sakhas.

In a bid to resuscitate the Vedas with all its variations, the Foundation had planned to get them chanted by erudite Vedic scholars and digitally record them in CD and host them on a website.

"The aim is to take the Vedas to common man around the globe," he said.

The TTD Tirupathi Executive Officer, A P V N Sharma, would inaugurate the anniversary celebrations to be held at Tattvaloka in Teynampet.

The Chief Election Commissioner N Gopalaswami would preside.

On the occasion, the Foundation would honour a scholar G Balasubramania Ganapatigal, Mr Ramamurthy added.