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A crowd confronted and chased the man

CHENNAI: A 30-year-old person, who was chased by the public and suffered a head injury after falling from a wall, died in the Government hospital on Tuesday.

Police said that Suresh of Kumaran Nagar in an inebriated mood allegedly refused to pay for making a local telephone call from a grocery store. When the shopkeeper asked him to pay, Suresh demanded money from him and threatened to attack. However, a crowd confronted him and chased him.

The police said he fell while attempting to scale a wall and suffered injury. Soon, he was rushed to a local hospital, where he was referred to the government hospital.

The Kumaran Nagar police registered a case of extortion and accidental fall on December 24. However, Suresh succumbed to injuries on Tuesday. When the news spread in the area, agitated friends and relatives of Suresh resorted to a road blockade near Ashok Nagar pillar for about 30 minutes suspecting foul play in the death.

On information, senior officers pacified the agitators who subsequently dispersed.