Staff Reporter

KODAIKANAL: Even two days after a massive landslide that killed one person, road connectivity to the hill station from Batlagundu was not restored till Sunday. Road workers are struggling to break the huge boulders that fell on the Batlagundu-Kodaikanal ghat road, blocking traffic movement since Friday morning.

The rescue team spent the first 24 hours in locating a car that was crushed by the boulders. It located the car in the evening beneath a big boulder at a 200-foot deep gorge near Dum Dum Rock. Fortunately, there was no occupants in the car.

However, officials have not come to any conclusion on the number of deaths owing to landslide. They suspect that persons, if any, who travelled with the driver in the ill-fated car, might have caught under debris. The second phase of removal of debris began only on Sunday.