Staff Reporter

Service roads near Chellapandian roundabout to be widened

TIRUNELVELI: The minor traffic diversions effected at Chellapandian Traffic Island in view of the construction of a flyover has created a positive impact as the congestion has eased to a greater extent over the past few days.

After the construction of a flyover at Chellapandian Traffic Island commenced recently, vehicular traffic at this already crowded point became so chaotic, which was assuaged to a great extent by a team of law-enforcers, led by Sub-Inspector of Police S. Bhaskar.

To find a permanent solution, a new traffic management was introduced recently. As per the traffic regulation effected by the Police Commissioner A.M.S. Gunaseelan around Chellpandian Traffic Island, vehicles coming from Tirunelveli Junction to Palayamkottai should take the service road on the North Bypass Road on reaching the traffic island and then move to the service road on the eastern side.

Similarly, vehicles coming from Palayamkottai to Tirunelveli Junction should take the service road in front of Hotel Lakshmi Gayathri and take a right turn near the BSNL Office to move further.

After this arrangement came into force just a week ago, vehicles – both two-wheelers and the four-wheelers – which had to wait at this point for ‘green signal’ and can move slowly but steadily to cross this point.

Since the ‘trial run’ gave positive results, the police have now planned to widen the service road to the maximum possible extent with a couple of speed-breakers so that the speed limit can be enforced effectively. For the convenience of pedestrians, at vantage points ‘pedestrian crossings’ are to be introduced.

As the place where vehicles take a ‘U’ turn is so dark now, new lights and sign boards are to be erected in the next couple of days while removing the electric poles standing on the service roads.

Above all, policemen will be posted on the service roads round-the-clock to ensure orderliness even in odd hours.