Under the newly built Ellis Nagar bridge, Bharathidasan Salai from Kennett Hospital crossing west corporation office to overhead water tank is in a very bad condition causing discomfort to four wheelers and two wheelers. During raining season, the road becomes muddy and water is stagnated on both sides of the road posing problem for pedestrians too. I request the Commissioner of Madurai Corporation to make arrangements for laying a metal road.

R.G. Rethinam,


Flight charge

The flight charge from Madurai to Chennai by Kingfisher plane is Rs. 2,825 a person. It makes air travel costly; thus it is in accessible to middle class people. If Air India arranges a plane service at Rs. 1,825 a ticket, it will be helpful to the people.

A. Vivekanantham,


Vegetable market

Friday Market on Bypass Road has been in operation for the past seven years. It is going to be shifted to Ponmeni Jai Nagar near Ponmeni Muniyandi Koil due to resistance from big shop owners. Ponmeni Jai Nagar Road is too narrow. Bypass Road is already prone to accidents.

Moreover, there are four schools functioning with around 6,000 children.

D. Subhashini,


Cracks on rails

It has become a routine affair for railway staff to repair cracks on rails. For, the rails were laid years ago and adequate staff had not been posted for maintenance of tracks. It is the responsibility of the authorities concerned to safeguard the passengers from unwanted accidents. The second railway track between Madurai and Dindigul is unnecessarily delayed. It should be expedited.

Malligai Mannan,


Meaningless median

I deeply regret the decision of the corporation to construct a median on 80 Feet Road in K.K. Nagar. A central line is enough to regulate road users from crossing the lane and not such a median.

Road should punished for any sort of violation of traffic rules. The road has become very narrow. It is bound to cause chaos making two wheelers skid along sandy edges of the road.

K. Easan,