It was a long time need for town buses to ply between the railway station and the bus stand in Pudukottai town. After introduction of new train services from Chennai and Rameswaram, the bus service has become a must during odd hours in the night. But immediately after the public request and requests from media, the officials and administrators responded quickly. Thanks to the officials in the Transport Department and district administrators for ensuring a safe and economic journey to the passengers in this developing town.

R. P. Soundararajan,

Vamban, Pudukottai district

Introduce train service

As it is clear now that the Mayiladuturai-Villupuram BG will be completed by June-2009, one more train from Kumbakonam to Chennai via Thanjavur and Tiruchi is a must till July –2009. This new train should be introduced with immediate effect.

T.S.S. Mani


No power, no water

Ramanoor, Vellallapatti and Gandhigram areas which fall under Sanapirati Panchayat in Karur do not get drinking water supply for over 20 days. It is alleged that frequent power shut down hampered the water pumping process at Kattalai canal. Normally, these areas get drinking water supply once in 10 days. When this turnout crosses the deadline, it becomes an ordeal for housewives. Various women’s associations staged road roko in these localities demanding uninterrupted water supply.

The authorities need to be cautious in such cases of power shut down and an alternative device needs to be earthed to ensure uninterrupted water pumping process at storage points.

SP. Murugappan,


Conduct inspections

The annual surprise and cursory inspections in Government offices have been either abandoned or not taken up seriously. As “delay breeds corruption”, by not taking up the periodical inspections or taking up perfunctorily, the higher administrative officials, have been indirectly encouraging corruption.

Further the Government staff, have been furnishing, periodical returns of their assets and liabilities, to the Heads of departments and by not verifying these statements, possession of movable and immovable properties that is disproportionate to their known sources of income has not been properly accounted for and thereby, the ill-gotten wealth in not ascertained, confiscated and auctioned.

R.S. Moorthy


Fuel price

The prices of crude oil has reduced dramatically in the international market. When the price rises the Centre hikes the fuel prices immediately. When the crude oil price comes down it is the duty of the Government to lower the prices of petrol and diesel in India.

V. Dharmadas,


Are computers foolproof?

Before the introduction of computers in the banks, all the interests due for fixed deposits were calculated through calculators. Now it is calculated through computers.

In the City Union Bank Porayar branch, I had invested Rs.50,000 in FD for 500 days at 11 per cent simple interest. After maturity I approached the bank for crediting the principal with earned interest to my savings bank account. The bank credited Rs.57,501 in my account. When I calculated the interest, with the help of a calculator, I found that it should have been Rs.57,534. When I approached the bank, the clerk operated his computer which showed Rs.57,501 only. I operated my calculator to show it should be Rs.57,534. Then after clarification with the manager the clerk corrected it to Rs.57,534.

Computers are expected to be fool proof.

Then how does this mistake occur.

The banks should rectify this defect in their banking transactions for the benefit of the public.

George R. Manuel


Exact change for bus tickets

Often wordy quarrel erupt between the bus conductors and passengers over the issue of tendering exact change for collecting the tickets.

The Government should consider rising the minimum fare of Rs. 3.50 to Rs.4 in the buses.

K. Santhanam