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The premia would be Rs. 300, Rs. 450 and Rs.600

TIRUCHI: The National Insurance Company Limited (NIC), Tiruchi Division, has taken steps for the implementation of the ‘Universal Health Insurance Scheme for Below Poverty Line (BPL) families’ in the district.

With a major part of the insurance premium being subsidised by the Central Government, the scheme seeks to provide medical protection to the policy-holders to meet their unforeseen and sudden medical expenses, Divisional Manager of NIC, Tiruchi Division, G. Kannan, said.

Speaking at an official meeting held here on Wednesday, Mr. Kannan said that the insurance scheme would cater to three categories of BPL families -- individual, family with five members, and family with seven members. The premia would be Rs 300, Rs.450 and Rs.600 respectively.

The share towards premium by the insured would be Rs. 100, Rs.150 and Rs. 200 respectively while the balance premium would be subsidised by the Central Government.

The sum insured for all categories would be Rs. 30,000 and persons in the age-group three months to 70 years were eligible.

The medical expenses of the insured person, spouse and three dependent children besides parents would also be covered.

The subsidy towards premium would be sanctioned only on production of a certificate on the BPL status issued by the BDO or Tahsildar.

Collector T. Soundiah, who presided over the meeting, assured him that he would direct all the BDOs and the Tahsildars to issue the certificates without any delay.

The benefits of the scheme included, Mr. Kannan said, hospitalisation expenses and cashless services for illness, diseases contracted and injury sustained.

The daily hospitalisation expenses ranged between Rs. 150 for normal illness and Rs. 300 if admitted to intensive care unit.

One-time assistance

A one-time consolidated assistance Rs. 2,500 or Rs. 5,000 towards maternity expenses for normal birth or birth through Caesarean surgery would be available for women.