Shastry V. Mallady

Move to inculcate reading habit in schools

MADURAI: Students of Government and Corporation schools are introduced to a different library experience these days, thanks to an initiative by the Directorate of School Education.

Instead of students going to their school library for reading books, a new concept of bringing the library to classrooms is happening across schools.

“We have received instructions from the Directorate that students must make the best use of library books. So, the idea of keeping library books in classroom itself was conceived,” says P. Shantha, District Educational Officer (DEO), Madurai.

Under this mobile library plan, books in a school library would be taken to all classes thereby giving the students of each class an opportunity to have a look at good books and also inculcate the reading habit, she said.

Schools which can provide shelves in classroom keep the books there while in rural schools which do not have almirah would tie a rope and display the books brought from library.

Ms. Shantha says that the Department of School Education has been urging people not to waste money on buying shawls and garlands but instead donate books to a school library with that money. “This idea is being implemented everywhere. In Madurai also we are insisting on creating space for library books in every classroom of government high schools,” the DEO said on Friday.

According to S. Bhaskaran, Deputy Inspector of Schools (Madurai), the new concept has enhanced reading habit among school children and “it is visible in the Thiruvalluvar Corporation High School in the Mahal area where officials made a visit to see how the scheme is implemented.”