Special Correspondent

THANJAVUR: In order to redress the grievances of customers, Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) has established an elaborate grievances redressal machinery, according to P. Esakkirajan, Senior Divisional Manager, LIC, Thanjavur division.

Grievances redressal officers have been designated at all levels of the organisation. They are senior branch manager at the branch level, Manager (CRM) at divisional level, Regional Manager (Marketing) at the Zonal level and E. D. Chief (Marketing-CRM) at Central level.

The respective grievances redressal officers are available at their office for personal interview with the customers on all Mondays between 2.30 p.m. and 4 p.m. except on holidays without appointment.

Customers can meet the grievance redressal officers on other days also with proper appointment.

They can send their written complaints to a complaint cell which is functioning at central, zonal and divisional offices.

In case of repudiated claims, an opportunity is given to the claimant to make a representation for consideration in the review committees of the zonal office and central office.

The claims review committee of the central and zonal offices have among their members a retired high court or district court judge.

At all divisional centres, the policy holders councils have been established. At all zonal centres, advisory boards are functioning. Consumer Affairs committee has been constituted at the CO with many eminent consumer activists and members of public joining as the members alongwith chairman and MD to protect various areas of consumer interest.

LIC has adopted citizen charter through which it reiterates its commitment to the consumers. Vigilance department at corporate office is headed by Chief Vigilance Officer. Eight zonal vigilance officers head their respective zones.