Staff Reporter

RAJAPALAYAM: Twenty-three councillors of the dissolved Rajapalayam Municipal Council have urged its Chairperson, R. Rathinammal, to convene the council meeting for discussing the “exorbitant” rate of property tax revision fixed by the Special Officer. A communication signed by the 23 out of 42 councillors said that a stay order against the Government Order dated October 15 regarding the dissolution of the council had been obtained on October 24. Hence, the appointment of Special Officer was not valid.

Stating that the Special Officer had, through an order, issued on October 28 announced the rate of property tax revision.

The councillors urged her to convene the emergency council meeting on November 12. The councillors, led by the Vice-Chairman, S.A. Manikandaraja of AIADMK, said that the property tax revision should be fixed at 10 per cent rate for residences, 25 per cent for industries and 40 per cent for commercial buildings.