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For consumers in Tirupur Electricity Distribution Circle

Tirupur: The Tamil Nadu Electricity Board will restrict three-phase supply to 10 hours and two-phase supply to 14 hours for rural consumers under Tirupur Electricity Distribution Circle with immediate effect.

Official sources said that the move would ensure 24 hours power supply to domestic consumers in the mofussil areas.

Agriculturists were requested to operate their pump sets only during three phase supply for round-the clock distribution.

According to the new schedule published for Group I and II rural feeders with effect from November 1, agricultural consumers in following localities will get three phase supply from 6 a.m to 12 p.m. and for four hours starting 10 p.m.:

Karumapalayam, Naduvacherry, Kuppandampalayam, Iyampalayam, Vallipuram, Thattankuttai, Annaipathy, Thoravallur, Merkupathy, Cheyur, Assanallipalayam, Kurumbapalayam, Mudalipalayam, Pandampalayam, Suripalayam, Savakattupalayam, Avarankadu, Santhaipudur, Kootapalli, Pappankulam, Kanurpudur, Chinnkanurpudur, Thottakalampudur, Kaspakannur and Kumarapalayam.

Similarly, three phase supply would be given to agriculturists at the following locations from 2 a.m to 6 a.m. and then for six hours starting 12 p.m.:

Nathampalayam, Kandampalayam, Appaiyampalayam, Shottaimedu, Ettiveerampalayam, Andipalayam, Thandukarapalayam, Thaneerpanthal, Pullipar, Chettipudur, Thottiyanoor, Mandipalayam and Alathur.