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“Such devotion to work is rarely found in many other States of India”

MADURAI: The Madras High Court staff members were incomparable with any other High Court in the country in the services they render to the course of justice, according to its Chief Justice A.K. Ganguly.

In his address, after laying the foundation stone for constructing residential quarters for the High Court’s Madurai Bench staff here on Saturday, he said that the employees here were available whenever he required their assistance.

“This shows their dedication. This is the training and tradition of the Madras High Court. I am very proud of this tradition. Such devotion to work is rarely found in many other States of India. This work culture must be cherished,” he said. “I am very happy that I am here and I am trying to match with this work culture. I find it to be extremely beneficial. I am sure the staff members will continue to keep up this tradition forever,” Mr. Justice Ganguly observed.

He also said that the Madurai Bench building was more imposing and majestic compared with many High Courts in the country. The Chief Justice’s court hall here was bigger in size and had better acoustics than the one at its Principal Seat in Chennai.

“I am not belittling the Chief Justice’s court hall (built during the British regime) in Chennai. But I am just trying to show before you the grand work which has been made by our Government after Independence,” he clarified. “I am told that the Madras High Court building (in Chennai) is the second largest High Court building in the whole world,” he said and added that courts were housed in majestic buildings to project the concept that law was above all.

Minister for Public Works and Law Durai Murugan said that the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam government headed by Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi was willing to fulfil every other just demand made by the judiciary.

Stating that he had called for a meeting with the Registrar General of the High Court, next week, he said: “I am interested in completing all ongoing construction work of court buildings across the State at the earliest,” he said.

S.J. Mukhopadhaya, senior most judge of the High Court said that the Law Minister was akin to the magic lamp of Aladdin as he implemented every other project conceived by the judiciary. “I saw only progress and progress since I came to Tamil Nadu,” he said. K. Ravirajapandian, administrative judge of the Madurai Bench, said that the court employees were like an axle that connects the two wheels of Bench and Bar. “The axle bears the maximum pressure from all quarters,” he said.

Judges R. Regupathi, P.P.S. Janarthana Raja, P. Murgesen, A. Selvam, S. Palanivelu and R. Subbiah participated along with Collector S.S. Jawahar and top police officials. Registrar (Administration) Sk. Ameerjan and Registrar (Judicial) R. Mohandoss spoke.