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A rural clinic will offer medical services at low cost and cater to emergency needs

10 villages to be adopted for five years to improve overall health conditions

COIMBATORE: Isha Foundation will open Isha Rural Health Clinic at Alandurai on October 4. It will inaugurate a Rural Development Project in association with Suzlon Energy Limited and Project Concern International, India.

According to a release from the foundation, the clinic will offer allopathic and alternative medical services at a low cost, emergency medical services and minor surgeries. It would have facilities such as pharmacy and laboratory, which would offer medicines at a low cost and perform modern medical investigations.

Through audio-visual displays, it would create health awareness among the public. It would also carry out programmes for paediatric and geriatric care as well as prevention of malnutrition.

The Rural Development Project would include health care services to create ‘Arogya Gramam,’ rural economic development, and environmental protection. The health care branch of the project would adopt 10 villages of Udumalpet, Kinathukadavu, Karumathampatti and Kittampalayam for the next five years in order to improve the overall health conditions in these areas. The services carried out will include free health awareness camps and training and medical camps.

The economic development programme would be implemented in Karumathampatti and Kittamapalayam Panchayat areas. Training and basic infrastructure would be provided in vegetable cultivation, fish and poultry farming, handicrafts production and food processing. Training programmes for entrepreneurship, assistance in value addition and marketing of produce would also be part of the project.

The environmental development programme would focus on soil and water conservation. It would be conducted in 21 villages in various districts. More than 200,000 saplings would be planted and nurtured by 2009. Training programmes for farmers on agro-forestry would be conducted.

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, founder of Isha Foundation, would participate in the inaugural function.