During Rains at Thanjavur, there is flooding of rain water, until pumps are started & drained gradually. During this manual process the vehicular traffic is subject to much and trouble. The repeated suggestion by Consumer Organisations, to enlist the expertise, and previous recorded information available with the Grand Anaicut(GA) Canal Division of PWD, to study the course and levels of old Channels running north, beside the Oriental Towers, towards the GA Canal or even beyond and based on those reliable information, contours, hydraulics etc., to get plans for simultaneous drainage of storm water by natural or created gradients / channels; but that is yet to take off. The Highways controlling the road, has to take imitative & move through our helpful district administration. This was also agreed to in a quarterly Consumer meet of Collector a couple of years ago. But due to lack of follow up the Citizens wait.

Frederick R, J. B.,

Chairman, Tamil Nadu Consumers Protection Society, Thanjavur.

Conduct pension adalat in Tiruchi

It is learnt that Defence Pension Adalat is slated to be conducted at Coimbatore in the last week of November 2008 and pensioners are advised to send their representations well in advance to the concerned authorities. It may be mentioned here that many aged and sick pensioners who are in their seventies and eighties living in Tiruvarur and Nagapattinam districts in need of the assistance of CDA for sorting out their pension problems may not be able to undertake such a long journey to Coimbatore to attend the adalat. Therefore it is suggested that such an adalat may be held in Tiruchi which is centrally located for the districts of Thanjavur, Nagapattinam, Tiruvarur, Pudukkottai, Madurai etc., It would be of great help to pensioners to get their problems solved. It is requested that concerned authorities would give due consideration to this suggestion and arrange to hold an adalat in the early months of 2009.

R. Jambunathan,


“Run regular services”

The annual festivals in the Velankanni Church and the Nagore Dargah were held recently. Thousands of people from all over the country who attended these festivals had to undergo untold hardship due to non-availability of train facilities. It was a great tragedy that the Railways did not heed to the request of the people from all walks of life to throw open the newly laid Broad Gauge track between Tiruvarur and Nagore prior to these festivals. The trial run on this track was done on March 29 and we do not know why regular services were not introduced in this section. The Minister of State for Railways, R. Velu time and again says that the conversion works on this section will be completed soon, but no one knows when it will become a reality.

V. Dharmadoss,


Nauseating stretch

Recently I had been to one private engineering college, in Dalavapalayam, where from the bus stop, the stretch emanating from the nearby poultry farm, smelt foulThen think of the plight of students, admitted in the engineering college hostel there, who have been enduring the nauseating smell, all through the year. Had the sons and daughters of the owners of either the poultry farm or the college been admitted, in this hostel, they would have realised this problem and not remained silent spectators, to this travail. Will the authorities do the needful?

R.S. Moorthy,


“Regulate parking”

Thanjavur old bus stand gives a dirty and ugly appearance. It is not cleaned periodically. All two wheelers are being parked pell mell near the platforms where waiting passengers are seated. I request the concerned authorities to construct a shed outside for parking of two wheelers and Kumbakonam bus stand may be taken as a role model for follow-up.

K. Santhanam,