To commemorate the beginning of the birth centenary of the former Chief Minister C.N. Annadurai, the State government declared a public holiday on September 15. Extension of the same under the Negotiable Instruments Act, gave the bank staff a day of rest and to the business and public a day of hardship due to non availability of banking operations. In the grand old days, banks were functioning on the open corridors of their agents’ houses, without any safety and the bankers had to resort to the local treasury administered by the State government, for safe custody of the deposits. This made them to declare a holiday under the NIA on all days the State government declared a holiday. Now, the situation has changed drastically and all banks provide safety vaults to the public. Therefore, there is no need to declare any holiday under the NIA at the cost of the economy.

K. Muralidharan,

Tiruchi - 6.

Entries in passbook

The passbook entries are made only for a few hours during the working time of the nationalised banks. The customers face a lot of problems due to this system. A separate official is to be deputed exclusively for making passbook entries, throughout the banking working hours without any limited time. Will the nationalised bank authorities look into this matter and do the needful for the welfare of its customers?

Rockcity Raj,


Obey traffic rules

Road users and bus drivers must obey the traffic rules, to avoid accidents. For instance buses stop at Sankar Café near the Junction round about which is a “no parking zone” despite a warning. The bus stop is situated a little distance away.

V. Mahalakshmi,

Kamarajar Nagar.

Use pavement

The passers-by, from Chathiram to Holy Cross College and vice versa, are mainly students do not use the pavement close to St. Joseph’s College compound. They walk along the main road inviting danger to their lives from speeding buses especially in the wee hours.

X. John Paul,


Bad road

The main road running across Anna Nagar (Housing Board Colony) and Police Colony is in such a bad condition that it speaks for its condition. In-fact the bus drivers take diversion and drive off the road. Authorities concerned are requested to do the needful to set right the problem.


Anna Nagar Housing Board Colony.

Open slaughter of goats

The open slaughter of goats in Panchavarna Swamy Koil Street and Kammala Street in Woraiyur area from 6 a.m. to 8 a.m. every day is posing a serious health hazard to the residents. Complaints over phone as well as in written forms to the Corporation authorities have evoked no response. The authorities should take necessary steps to check this menace.

R. Suresh,


Pension revision

As soon as the Union Government announced the acceptance of the recommendations of the VI Pay Commission to its employees and pensioners, it is the Tamil Nadu Government which stood first to appoint a committee to exercise the extending of similar benefits to its employees and pensioners and to furnish report in three months. The committee is expected to complete the work by December 2008 and the Government may announce the acceptance of the report in January 2009. The employees may get new scale from Tamil New Year’s day. Unlike serving employees, the pensioners have no scale of pay to be revised. As in the case of Central pensioners, state pensioners may be given an increase of 21 per cent upto to 65 years, 30 per cent for pensioners of 65-70 years of age and 50 per cent for pensioners above the age of 70. This can easily be announced by the Tamil Nadu Government on Gandhi Jayanthi Day.



Poster-free Tiruchi

These days, not an inch of Tiruchi city can be seen without posters, banners. Even the Government hospital walls are not spared. The authorities are to be appreciated for towing away the cars parked on the main road at Thillai Nagar; but why many turn blind eyes over the unauthorised banners being erected in all traffic points and in every nook and corner. At the worst case, let the license fee for erecting such banners be collected so that the revenue at least be improved. Before making Tiruchi a green Tiruchi let us all think of Tiruchi without unauthorised posters and banners?

S. Raghavan,


Lunch hours in bank

It has been exhibited on the board that working hours as 10 a.m. to 3.30 p.m. but by 2.30 p.m. all the staff go for lunch at Indian Bank, Tennur and return by 3 p.m. The customers have to wait for half an hour. There are two cash counters one for receiving cash and other for payment. I suggest that the first counter staff go by 2 p.m. and return by 2.30 p.m. and the other staff by 2.30 p.m. and let return by 3 p.m. So, that customers can transact their business in the counters and the time will also be saved. I request the General Manager of the Indian Bank to do the needful.

S.S. Azizulaa,


Load shedding

Just then we heaved a sigh of relief when we read from the newspapers that power holidays has been since withdrawn from the State with effect from September 1, 2008. Our happiness lived for a short time only when the load shedding was effected by TNEB on September 15. On enquiry the authorities told that they have been advised to impose the load shedding again. No doubt people have to extend their support to the Government in tackling the situation. What we wanted is the load shedding should not be unexpected/unscheduled. The government/TNEB should clearly come out with details in advance, so that people will be prepared to face the same.

S. Mahesh,



Tamil Nadu is facing severe electricity crisis and it seems the Government not doing proper management. First they should not suspend current supply during night. They should monitor the commercial area and restrict the neon signs and flash sign (advt) boards which are consuming heavy power. There should be restriction for commercial establishments to reduce their consumption. In offices air-conditioners should be avoided and advise them to use fans. We learn from the newspapers that power position will not improve before December. The Government should think and concentrate, how to minimise the usage without affecting ordinary poor residents. There should not be any discrimination between city and rural areas.

V. S. Shiva.



Let us not worry about the power shortage. We can wait. Now that the Nuke deal is going to come through, the problem will be effectively solved in another 15 years time, provided our quantum of power requirement remains the same.

Goutam Ramaprasad,

Dindigul Road.

Temple property

This refers to the report, ‘Temple and residents at loggerheads in Srirangam (September 17)’.

The move by the Sri Ranganathaswamy temple authorities to serve notice on those occupying temple property asking them to acknowledge the temple as the owner of the property and pay suitable rent or else vacate and hand over the property to the temple is a bold move. Though a lot of residents may be aggrieved over such a harsh move by the temple administration, if it is really proved that the 320 acres of land surrounding the temple is indeed the property that originally belonged to the temple, they should abide by the instructions of the authorities. The joint commissioner’s averment that the move is only aimed at recovering the temple property cannot be disputed.

The temple authorities should strive to reach an amicable settlement with the residents that should result in a win-win situation for both sides.

J. Anantha Padmanabhan,