Special Correspondent

TAMBARAM: A 62-year-old man was found dead on Sunday evening at his house in Amar Nagar, Kadaperi, near Tambaram.

Ramaswamy was found lying unconscious inside the bathroom of his house on 1st Cross Street by neighbours around 6 p.m. A doctor living in the same locality checked his pulse and told the residents who had gathered that he had died a few hours before that.

The residents immediately called up the Tambaram police station. After preliminary investigations, the police said cut injuries were seen on Ramaswamy’s neck, who seemed to have bled profusely. His face was covered with a piece of cloth. Water was flowing from the tap and the motor to pump water from the well to a tank was also switched on.

His neighbours said they had not seen Ramaswamy the whole day.

In the evening, they noticed a milk packet and newspaper still lying in the portico and the doors open and hence decided to enter the house. Inside, they noticed the television on and water flowing inside the bathroom. The rear door was also open, they said.

Ramaswamy was Deputy Manager of the State Bank of India at the local head office in Nungambakkam and had taken voluntary retirement in October 2006.