P.S. Suresh Kumar

They get lucrative prices for rubber sheets in North India

There is a lot of demand for natural rubber

Need for Rubber Techno Park stressed

Nagercoil: Farmers in different parts of the district have started converting their paddy fields into rubber plantation as they could get lucrative prices for rubber sheets in north India.

According to sources, Kanyakumari district can have and develop adequate entrepreneurs for the rubber products in the district by extending the area of cultivation of rubber saplings. This was only because of the planters are manufacturing world-class rubber sheets and other allied products in the district.

A cross section of farmers from Kulasekaram, Kaliyal, Pechipparai, Moolacahal, Marunthukottai etc said that as the original rubber was more effective than the synthetic rubber exported from other countries, there was a lot of demand for natural rubber.

Ganesan of Padmanabhapuram, working as the supervisor of a rubber plantation at Marunthukotai, said that it was advisable to the farming community in Kanyakumari district to prefer rubber plantation instead of paddy as there was no lucrative prices or direct purchase centres in the district.

There were lot of schemes for the rubber plantations and its allied activities by the Rubber Board. The rubber planters also demanded the Government to set up a Rubber Techno Park to ensure the welfare of planters and those people depending on the rubber plantation particularly the rubber milk tapers. These people should suitably be integrated with the industrialisation efforts in the district in order to provide employment to the unemployed youths.

Till a self-sustaining institutional setup was fully established, the activity should be taken up as a development activity of the district under the leadership of the district collector, assisted by a working group and advisory committee. Considering the experience of the past in establishing such joint industrial ventures, it was essential that all stake holders must work in unison with focus, said a cross section of planters.

An appropriate technology, development, delivery and escort system has to be instituted for empowering the rubber growers, rubber producer societies and new entrepreneurs. In this context