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“Most of the problems the society faced today were due to the huge population”

KARUR: Population explosion in Karur district is a cause of concern, according to District Collector T.N. Venkatesh.

Speaking at an awareness workshop on world population explosion at the Government Hospital here on Friday, Mr. Venkatesh said that the population in the district, which was around 8.59 lakh in 1991, went up to over 11 lakh in 2001.

Most of the problems the society faced today were due to the huge population that the nation had to cater to.

In particular, availability of fossil fuel, natural resources, essential commodities, depended solely on the sharing by the number of persons having access to the resources. Wants and demands have grown with the population and that needed to be checked, said Mr. Venkatesh.

Tamil Nadu well developed

Despite the growing population, Tamil Nadu was comparatively well developed than northern states in terms of providing health care and management.In Karur district, while the birth rate was 15.4, mortality rate had come down to 5.7 per 1,000 live births. Infant mortality rate has been significantly brought down due to sustained campaigning on health care especially among rural women,Mr. Venkatesh said.

The District Collector exhorted the student community to join hands in containing population stating that they could spread the message of small family.Units such as NCC, NSS could utilize the special camps to spread the small family message very effectively, he added.

Rural areas should receive adequate attention in spreading the message of family planning and reaching the hospitals for delivery. The ill effects of a huge population needs to be highlighted, he added.

Health care to women

The State Government has been taking concerted and sincere steps to ensure that pregnant women have access to proper health care. The main objective of the Mother and Child Welfare Scheme was to ensure that all childbirths should be institutional deliveries and infant mortality rate should be curtailed at any cost.

A qualified doctor should be present at the time of delivery, he said.

Upgrading PHCs

In furtherance of the objective, and similar other aims, the primary health centers in the district were being upgraded as full time dispensaries.

Of the 29 Primary Health Centres in the district, 14 have been converted into full time dispensaries and efforts were being taken to upgrade the rest, the Collector said.

Joint Director of Health Services Ilamathi, Deputy Director (Family Welfare) Nagarathinam, Deputy Director (Health Services) K. Sadasivam, Medical Superintendent of Government Hospital, Karur, Ramanathan, Deputy Director (TB) Azak Hussain, Chief Maternity Officer, Vijayalakshmi and others participated.