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TIRUCHI: Music sabhas played a critical role in nurturing young talents and promoting the essence of Carnatic music, said former Chennai station Director of Doordarshan A. Natarajan.

At the inauguration of T. V. Memorial concerts, Mr. Natarajan said music transcended language, culture and technology.

Despite improvements in technology, the pleasure of hearing music directly from the singer was irreplaceable. Sabhas were the interface with the audience.

He expressed the hope that burgeoning technology choices for music-lovers would not substitute the sabha tradition among Carnatic music buffs.

Rasika Ranjana Sabha, he observed, had been supporting aspiring singers in tier II cities and providing a chance to the music-lovers of the city to attend the concerts of ace musicians.

J. Venkatramanan, a veteran musician, conferred ‘Sangeetha Sri’ title on Aishwarya Shankar, a disciple of Indira Renganathan in Kolkata. He presented ‘L. V. Memorial Award’ to Deepthi Suresh, a disciple of Bharathi Mahadevan in Madurai.

Mr. Venkataramanan said the quest for music should be ever vibrant among the learners. Every musician should be a student and be open-minded to imbibe new lessons in Carnatic music, he said. The Sabha honoured the musician with a purse.

‘Sangeetha Sri’ title is conferred every year on the top performer of L.V.Memorial Concerts.

The eight-day concert will test the participants in various categories including knowledge on composers, raga and thalam. Best participant in junior category will get the ‘L.V.Memorial award.’

Aishwarya Shankar swept 16 first prizes, three second prizes and two second prizes to win the coveted title.