This is with reference to a letter by V.S. Sankaran about archakas at Sri Meenakshi Temple in the Readers’ Mail column on October 27.

The temple administration has made excellent arrangements by raising wooden platforms and lowering the floor of the mahamandapam so as to enable devotees in the free darshan queue to worship the deity without any hindrance either by the archakas or devotees, who offer Rs. 100 as donation. Therefore, there is no chance of archakas blocking the view of devotees in the free darshan queue.

K.S. Subramania Bhattar,



I recently read in dailies that the one-way traffic on East and South Veli Streets is made two ways to decongest heavy traffic on Palace Road and East Marret Street where lorry traffic is heavy.

It was a boon when East and South Veli Streets were made one-way traffic and the public found no inconvenience to travel on these roads and there were no accidents at all.

Having made these roads as two-way traffic, the worst will happen since the share autos and auto rickshaws are running at a very high speed and accidents are bound to happen sooner or later. The law-enforcing authorities must look into this matter.

C.H.V. Pathy,


Expedite scheme

In Madurai, storm water drainage scheme is started in many areas a few months back but it is yet to be completed. The incomplete work has created many problems. For example, in Doak Nagar and Nataraj Nagar, concrete channels are formed but they are not interconnected leading to stagnation of water, which becomes another breeding ground for mosquitoes. The main channel is not covered with cement slabs and this prevents the movement of vehicles and pedestrians from one street to another and also to reach the main road.

In Doak Nagar area, channels formed in cross streets and there is no evidence of the presence of main channel. Will the scheme be expedited?

K. Chandran,