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Special tour packages for Navarathri to be organised

CHENNAI: “Gujarat is now focussing on attracting more domestic tourists,” according to P.D.Vaghela, Managing Director of Tourism Corporation of Gujarat.

The Corporation is all set to promote the State’s major festivals to attract tourists. It is organising a Special Tour packages for Navarathri, which starts from September 30.

“I am sure tourists would have a gala time during the Navarathri dance festival,” he told press persons here on Sunday.

As for now, the State has more number of business tourists, he added.

Another major festival to be promoted is the Tarnetar fair which falls on September 3.

“By promoting local festivals we would like to popularise Gujarati culture and preserve it. We are also decentralising the tourism projects, so that the benefits would reach the local people. This is a good way to uplift the poor people in the State,” he said.

The Corporation also plans to promote tourism in the State by highlighting the Dwarka temple, the lovely Kutch handicrafts and the Asiatic lions in Gir Forest. “These are our main attractions,” Mr.Vaghela said.