Staff Reporter

MADURAI: Are you the one who really yearn to protect environment? If so, switch off your lights for eight minutes. This eight-minute darkness is sure to throw light on the urgent need to protect our environment far more effectively than mere talk on it.

Exnora International has launched its ‘Lights Out 88888’ awareness campaign that enables every individual to contribute to the earth global warming awareness campaign.

The campaign is aimed at appealing to people to volunteer themselves to switch off their lights for 8 minutes at 8 p.m. on the 8th day of the 8th month (August) of the 8th year (2008) of this millennium.

“Even people who do not know about global warming will become more inquisitive about why they are being requested to switch off their lights,” says Azhagumeena, a member of Exnora, and a X Standard student of TVS Matriculation Higher Secondary School.

Apart from switching off, a resolution to introduce new habits into your daily routine such as segregating waste, taking a cloth bag for shopping, switching off the electrical appliances when you finish using them and many others would go a long way in helping to reduce energy wastage and garbage accumulation.

To know more about the causes, consequences and solutions of global warming, visit and to know more about the campaign, Interested persons can sign up at, says Azhagumeena.

Next year, ‘Lights Out 99999’ campaign will be launched.