Two important post offices in Tuticorin work upstairs on premises not noticeable even to those who frequent the area. One has to climb 20 steep steps to reach counters. It is really an ordeal for children, women, sick persons, senior citizens and physically challenged to conduct their day-to-day business at these offices. Postal orders of above Rs.5 denomination are not available for sale in subordinate post offices for many days now. Will this be looked into?

Vellaisamy Murugan,


Set up stall at platform

This has reference to difficulties faced by rail passengers in Madurai Railway Station while they are returning from Bangalore to Tuticorin.

I am a frequent traveller on this train with my wife between Tuticorin and Bangalore.

The train arrives at around 07.30 a.m., and halts at platform number 2. Passengers who are travelling by AC 2 tier and AC 3 tier compartments can’t get breakfast and tea or coffee inside the compartments as well at platform number 2 when the trains halts for a mere 10 minutes and no newspapers are also available in the said platform.

Will authorities do the needful?

A.S. Gopala Krishnan,


Admit mentally ill

For more than a month, a mentally ill man aged about 50 years is wandering in Muthiahpuram area, a suburb of Tuticorin, often taking shelter in the Spic Nagar bus stop. Though one or two sympathizers offer him clothes and food, the foremost need of the man is medical care.

Similarly, a mentally ill woman, who appears to be a north Indian, is also roaming in this area with dirty and torn clothes.

I request officials to admit them to home for rehabilitation.

D. Edwin Alexander,


Provide more buses

City bus service between Tirunelveli Junction and NGO ‘B’ Colony is poor. The people living in nearby areas find it difficult to go out for their various duties and daily necessities. People are driven to feel as if they are living in an island.

The buses operating in route number 5 are not touching Sudali Koil stop in the NGO ‘B’ Colony, which is the approved terminus. The residents are forced to pay Rs.30 to Rs.40 for autos even for short distance from the new bus stand to the NGO ‘B’ Colony.

Will authorities look into the matter?

S. Nallasivan,


Drop fee collection

A fee of Rs.3 is levied per head at Sir P.C. Ramaswamy Iyer Park in Nagercoil. It drives away senior citizens and tourists alike. Light and sound show, film and entertainment programmes can be launched to justify the fee. At least toilets should be maintained properly. Collection of fee to look at nature is insensible.

V. Kumar,

Thekkurichy, Kanyakumari district.