The report in The Hindu about the deplorable manner in which the Flower Show 2008 was conducted and the environmental degradation the Nilgiris in general and Ooty in particular have suffered was not surprising. It is too simplistic to blame the hawkers alone for the disastrous conduct of the show. This failure is only symptom of a larger malady, that is lack of aesthetic sense, poor understandsing of the history, significance and importance of the famous botanical garden and the ecological aspect of the Nilgiris in general, on the part of the authorities. To save Ooty and its famous gardens a few hard decisions have to be taken. 1. The annual flower show should be abolished to save the botanical garden. 2. As for Ooty town, Charring Cross was once considered its heart and one of the most beautiful spots. Now it looks like a market place. How have the authorities allowed the ‘uzhavar sandai’ to function at Charring Cross? The ‘sandai’ should be shifted to some other place immediately. 3. When Jayalalitha was the Chief Minister, she had issued an order prohibiting construction of buildings in Ooty. Had that order been implemented, Ooty could have been saved from further degradation. Unfortunately, the order was withdrawn. If Ooty is to be saved, the order, with modifications such as exempting the natives of the Nilgiris and others who had migrated there 50 years ago, should be implemented.

K.P. Swaminathan,


Wanted: railway station

Coimbatore, ‘Manchester of South India’, contributes a lot to the economic growth of our country. There are many industries, educational institutions and hospitals near Hope College. Many businessmen, merchants, professionals, students and patients depend on train for travel but the Hope College area does not have a railway station. The gateway to the newly-developing IT corridor is Avanashi Road at Hope College.

There is a bus stand at Singanallur near Hope College. If a railway station is commissioned and if all trains stop there at least for a minute then it will be beneficial to all.

S. Deva Arul,

Avanashi Road.

School admission woes

I should like to share a horrible experience I had when I went for admission to plus one class in a prestigious school in Coimbatore. Confusion began from the time of the issuance of the application form. I had been informed that the applications would be issued before a week of the publication of SSLC results. But the school authorities started issuing applications only on May 30. Though the school has a fully computerised office officials were making cash bills manually.

Only two counters were functioning, one for their own students and the other for those from other schools. After standing in the queue for more than three hours, we were told that all applications were exhausted and that further applications would not be issued.

After issuing more than 150 applications the principal said students from the school would be given preference. Later at 3.30 p.m. the principal said students from other schools should wait till June 4 to know the status of their applications.

R.G. Palan,


Road dividers

It is good that the national highways department is constructing road dividers. But the highways authorities need to be a little more imaginative.

There are city bus stops in front of GRD College and Government Polytechnic which are opposite to each other and are used by thousands of students and staff everyday. But now a divider has come up right in front of the

stops, without an opening, for 200 metres, on either side.

The dividers will create problems for the students.

The authorities should

create an opening - a raised 15 to 20 feet gap – to enable the students cross the

road to board buses.

D. Haemanthkumar Robert,

Avanashi Road.

Ordeal in Palani

Recently we went to Palani and faced numerous problems right from parking car. Since we had our mother with us, we decided to try the winch service. There was a big queue for Rs. 10 and Rs. 50 tickets.

After standing for one-and-a-half hours in the Rs. 50-ticket queue we managed to enter the winch. The ticket was given for only one way! Everywhere there are touts who promise heaven for money.

To see God we have to shell out money and everyone is taken for a ride. Though there are boards to warn you, no one bothers. Again, on return we spent two hours to get the winch. It was a horrible journey.

C.R. Sadasivam,


War on plastics

The stupendous work by RAAC to stop use of plastics will be remembered by the Coimbatore people for another 1,000 years. The campaign launched by college and school students against plastics and is laudable indeed.

The public response too was overwhelming.

We hope the unstinted efforts by RAAC to remove plastics will continue till the Government comes out with a permanent solution by law.

S. Mariappan,


Public park

Kavundampalayam which is a fast growing town needs the amenity of a public park where people can enjoy fresh air, stroll and relax away from the hustle and bustle of the town. A park is the lungs of the town and its decoration too.

A suitable piece of land can be earmarked for the purpose and developed into a scenic delightful spot that will be a feast to the eyes and solace to the mind.

S. Venkatachalam,


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