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Small and medium enterprise-centred economy will be a stable one

Conviction, courage and commitment are vital

MADURAI: Entrepreneurship is about mind, which determines to create something new, to innovate and to develop the mindset for creating values and wealth, which can be sustainable to all members of the society and for future generations, said R. Dinesh, Chairman, Confederation of Indian Industry, Madurai Zone, on Monday.

Speaking at a meeting on entrepreneurship, organised by the CII here, Mr. Dinesh said that the idea behind the event was to share the experiences of starting an enterprise where successful entrepreneurs would speak about their accomplishment and cultural values enhanced with their growth. He further stated that entrepreneurship at the internal level would be the new wealth creator in the future.

K. P. Natarajan, Managing Director, KPN Travels, and C. N. Ashok, Director, Auto Print Machinery Manufacturers, two successful entrepreneurs who started from scratch, shared their experience.

Mr. Ashok said that small and medium enterprise-centred economy would be a stable one and cited the example of the United States. His entrepreneurial baptism started with a litho press unit that became an offset press unit and then finally, he became an offset printing machine maker with 6,600 machines installed across the country and in 20 other nations.

He owed his success to the combined strategy of marketing with focus in rural areas, demonstration and the concept of machinery to each pin code.

Three Cs were important for success — conviction, courage and commitment —, said Mr. Ashok.

Mr. Natarajan recalled that he started his business with an initial investment of Rs. 5,000 in 1967 as a joint venture and established KPN Travels on his own in 1972. With 240 buses and more than 100 lorries, he is about to come out with improved wheel base buses with ultra modern facilities in future. He owed his success to his employees.