Special Correspondent

“Hold meeting on July 23”

CHENNAI: The Madras High Court has ordered that a meeting of the Rajapalayam municipality be held at 4 p.m. on July 23. The Virudhunagar District Judge at Srivilliputtur will serve as an observer.

Disposing of two writ petitions challenging a show-cause notice issued by the government to the municipality asking it why the council should not be dissolved, Justice A. Kulasekaran directed municipal chairman Ms. Rathinam to send the agenda relating to the May 7 show-cause notice to the municipal commissioner by July 14.

On receipt of the agenda, the commissioner should notify all councillors of the meeting scheduled for July 23.

At the meeting, the councillors should consider the agenda, and the minutes should be sent by the chairman to the government.

On receipt of the report, the government could pass orders as per the law.

In his petition, filed by counsel P.H. Manoj Pandian, municipal vice-chairman S.A. Manikandaraja of the AIADMK, said the chairman did not enjoy a majority in the council and was afraid that the resolutions proposed by her would be defeated.

She had not conducted council meetings for several months, citing a law and order problem which, he said, did not exist at all.

While concluding that the council was not functioning as per the law, the Municipal Administration and Water Supply Department had failed to note that the chairman had been regularly conducting the meeting of the town planning committee which consisted of four DMK members and two AIADMK members.

The notice was bad in law, he said, and the circumstances did not warrant dissolution of a democratically elected body.